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  • March 28, 2014
    I am very proud to announce a recent settlement that occurred prior to Answering to the Complaint. Credit also goes to opposing counsel who was willing to cooperate and have meaningful case discussio ...

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The Law Offices of Tara Burd is a civil law and litigation firm principally located in San Diego, California. We are attorneys and counselors of law who believe in building relationships with our clients through honest and direct communication and dependability. Our firm offers a broad range of civil law and civil litigation legal services focused primarily on breach of contract issues.

Law Offices of Tara Burd

Breach of contract litigation involves more than a written contract. Verbal agreements, accounts stated, and open book accounting are also a basis for a breach of contract claim. In construction law, this relates to extra work change orders, scope of work disputes, payment bonds, performance bonds, stop notices, and mechanics liens. In employment law, we help employers and employees avoid litigation in addition to pursuing civil litigation claims for wrongful termination and unpaid overtime wages. Breach of contract claims may also include pursuing civil law judgments by way of litigation to collect on behalf of a homeowner's association, or evict a tenant and collect for failure to pay rent. If you believe you may have a breach of contract claim, do not hesitate to contact an attorney who understands breach of contract issues and can help you decide how to best pursue or defend a potential breach of contract claim.

For a civil litigation attorney who handles and understands construction law litigation, employment law litigation and other civil law breach of contract related issues, contact the Law Offices of Tara Burd today to protect or defend against your legal claims.

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